mercredi 2 mai 2012

Pocket God v1.4.0 Apk For Android OS

You’re the island god!
What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. It contains multiple locations with many hilarious scenarios, exciting mini-games and hidden secrets for you to uncover.

What’s in this version:
  1. The Battle of the Gods! This is the arena where you will use the powers of the God Idols to fight all the gods of the game! Choose the right REALM TYPE and ATTACK TYPE and defeat your opponent in a fun spin on the rock-paper-scissors dynamic. Also, you can choose one of your idols’ special powers to help YOUR Pygmy become the ultimate victor in the battle!
  2. Unlock idols by completing tasks with your pygmies!
  3. Misc bug fixes

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